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Concrete laying methods

Depending on the technological conditions of construction and the features of its organization, the following concrete laying methods exist:

The mixture is fed into the formwork directly from the mixer through the tray. This is possible provided that access to the place of concreting of equipment and machinery is provided. The method is effective when pouring foundations;
The mixture is fed from the mixer using a gutter. Boards can be used for its manufacture. The concrete is pushed to the place of laying manually, with shovels. Workers should be located at the rate of 1 person per 1 meter of the gutter. Here it must be taken into account that the deeper it is, the more difficult it will be to push through the incoming mixture. The method is used to fill the foundation;
The use of concrete pump. Such special equipment is used in the formation of reinforced concrete structures at heights. It requires material with increased fluidity, which is achieved by the addition of special mixtures;
Stacking with a bell. Concrete is loaded into a special container with an opening bottom, rises above the place of laying and gets enough sleep. After that it is leveled. This method is used to create columns and floors at heights.
After unloading, concrete must be compacted. For this, special vibrators are used. Its working element is immersed in concrete in order to eliminate air cavities. The range is 500 mm. A side effect of using such equipment is the spreading of concrete. Manual analogs of vibrators are pieces of reinforcement that are manually stuck into concrete.

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