concrete foundation technology

Technology of Concrete Foundation

Technology of Concrete Foundation

The technology of concrete foundation is an integral part of any building and structure. When erecting it, it is important to prevent technological errors, because carelessness and non-compliance with the stages of construction can lead to serious consequences. Despite serious responsibility, the construction of foundations is an easy process that even a novice will cope with. Concreting the foundation will allow you to get a solid, reliable foundation for buildings and structures, which will last for more than a dozen years. But in order for the design to turn out with the required strength characteristics, attention should be paid to the main subtleties that are present in the concreting process.

What materials and tools are needed?

To build a concrete foundation, the following tools and materials will be required:

welding machine;



steel rods;

concrete mixer or empty container for mortar preparation;


rope or cord for marking;


building level;



crushed stone;


bars for the construction of formwork.

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